Interview in the newsletter of the Art, Design and Advertising Magazine of Idea School, No. 9, Fall 2012

Interview by Idea, Number 9

This interview firstly starts with explaining the way of forming the poster “Dove of Peace” and Aminelahi then speaks about topics that he brings up in his ideation class, the process that students should pass to achieve an idea and practices which students have to do in the class.

When they ask Aminelahi what kinds of students are considered for this time, he replies: the presented topics are fixed and scientific which are used for creating idea with different languages in order to be understood in all levels.

At last, he talks about students’ self-confidence and suggests some practices and strategies to increase it, then he says that how will be the results of class and what is expected from students.

مصاحبه در خبرنامه مجله هنر، دیزاین و تبلیغات آموزشگاه ایده ، شماره ۹ ، پاییز 2012




















































































































































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