International "Poster" Graphic Design Festival Entitled “In the imagination of justice”

International “Poster” Graphic Design Festival
Entitled “In the imagination of justice”,
The “Iran-International, Graphic Design Festival Association (IGDFA), as an
independent non-profit organization, active in the field of graphic design and visual
arts, together with the “China-Europe International Design Culture Association”
(CEIDA), Is trying to hold an international competition and exhibition with the
presence of world-renowned judges, designers and curators in the field of graphic
design, under the title “In the imagination of justice” and in the subset of “Blue Lotus”
visual arts festivals.
Therefore, we sincerely invite you to participate in the “International Festival of “Blue
lotus” Digital Visual Arts” 2021, entitled:
“In the imagination of justice “.
A dream or thought that has occupied the minds of thoughtful human beings since the
advent of human civilizations and interactions to provide a meaning or definition of
justice and guideline or a roadmap to understanding human societies, so that maybe it
can reduce a little of the tangible gap between the desired truth and the existing
reality, until this day, after many centuries and human social and technological
growth, there has not provided a proper answer.
Most of the thinkers and scholars in the 17th century regarded justice as having a
special credit which should be considered in personal and social life and in legislation,
political decision making and wealth distribution as the best criteria and following it


causes the emergence of reasonable society.
In the 18th century, the metaphysical justice was founded, in this type of justice, individual
profit was considered more than public interest because freedom was more important than
The transition from the 19th century to 20 criticism turned to metaphysical justice and the
suggestion of critics, was the foundation of social justice, the basis of social justice is that
laws should not only benefit individuals, but should be in the interest of all and for the
peace and welfare of the people and through lifting inequality, slavery and social and
economic poverty.
Of course, it is impossible to determine the exact date of this concept, but it can be said that
in Italy, France, and Germany, the concept of social justice has been accepted.
On the occasion of the “International Day of Justice” on the 20th of February, we intend to
announce a call for graphic design (poster) with the theme of how justice from the aspects
of, historical, political, cultural, educational, health, symbolic, mythical and etc.
” What world is full of justice, if it was…? ” And with international organizations and
colleagues, to become aware of your thoughts in a creative and artistic way and turn this
individual awareness into collective and global awareness.

Subject (concept) and categories:
A- How is justice desirable in human society (“that the world was full of justice, how was it global if…was it?”).
B- Mythical and symbolic expression of justice in the ideas, beliefs, traditions and cultures of different nations of the world.

International Jury and Curators Committee:
Point: The arrangement of the members of the jury in both stages of judging has been done in such a way that with the presence of
experts, artists, and senior university professors from around the world, grand quality and different visual approaches are considered
and the desired level of the selection process be maintained. In this respect, the stages of judgment are not considered in the
traditional sense of “Pre selection” and “final selection”.
The first stage of judgment team
Olga Severina / USA
Ph.D. in Visual Arts, author, graphic design researcher Graphic
designer and an exhibition curator Founder and curator of
“PosterTerritory” Member of WGD, AIGA …,
she serves on a jury of a variety of international poster
competitions in Poland, Italy, China, and Iran,etc.
Arpita Pradhan / India graphic design. Assistant Professor in Applied art
department at Government College of Art and Craft, Calcutta.
Donna Jackson / USA
Artist, designer, project manager and strategist.
Owner of “DMJStudio”
Mehrdokht Darabi / IRAN
Graphic designer and Art director
Co-Owner of “Hamrang” Graphic.
Member of the board and Secretary to IGDS (Iranian Graphic
Designers’ Society).
Nadia Aghabeigi / IRAN
Graphic designer, Cartoonist, Photographer. She has participated
in different national and international cartoon and poster
exhibitions during the past 10 years.
Kye-soo Myung / S. KOREA
Professor Emeritus, “Konkuk” Univ. Former Dean, Design College,
“Konkuk” Univ. Former president, Visual Information Design
Association of Korea (VIDAK).
Hitoshi Miura / JAPAN
Member of Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.
Daido University, Visiting Associate Professor.
Peng Jun / CHINA
Associate professor. at “Wuhan Polytechnic University”, China.
International council of graphic design associations / membership.
China Europe International Design Culture Association / Director.

He Huang / CHINA
Brand designer, vision worker, curator. JAGDA member.
New Youth Designers Alliance Secretary General.
He is a visiting professor at several design universities in China.
José Luis Hernández / MEXICO
Graphic designer, creator.
Founder of the International Network of Visual Creators (RINC).
Professor at the BUAP School of Plastic and Audiovisual Arts.
He has a specialty in audiovisual communication. Winner of the
international awards.
Laze Tripkov / MACEDONI
PhD in Symbolism and Iconography in the Balkans.
Master of graphic design from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts .
Member of ICO-D. programmer committee of Warsaw Poster
Biennale. Co-founder of Skopje Design Week and partner till
2013. Program director of Skopje Creative Festival, etc.
Marco Natolli / ITALY
Brand designer, graphic designer, curator. Owner and manager of
the gallery .
Mahdi Sadeghi / IRAN
Master of Visual Communication from “Tarbiat Modares
University”. Art director, author, art researcher and university
lecturer. Judge of International Graphic Design Festivals.
Founder and CEO of “Rasm” Publication in Iran .
Mohammad Afshar / IRAN
The winner of more than 50 national and international awards and
honors. Exhibit of the works in more than 180 national &
international graphic exhibition, festivals,
Member of the pre-selection board and the jury of 21 creditable
international festivals (Russia,Ukraine,Iran,Mexico, Ecuador, France,
Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Cyprus,
Turkey, Moldova,)
Linsen Yang / CHINA
visiting professor of Xinjiang Art University School of Design.
Co-founder of X-PLUS Xinjiang Design Power Salon.
Professional member of HIII International Creative Alliance, ADCK
Asia China-Korea Design Association.
Member, CDC China Packaging Federation Design Committee
National Committee, Director of CDS China Designer Salon,
Editorial Board.
Member of “China Design Yearbook”, China Star Design
Competition Jury, “Jianhe” Department of National Design
Education Practical Instructor and Executive Deputy Director of
Art Design Committee of Xinjiang Artists Association.
Dragica Petrović / CROATIA
In 1978 I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of
Zagreb. Until 1995 I worked in design and construction.
As a director and co-owner of “ADU” I worked to
promote Croatian tourism and economy:
Zagreb Tourist Board, Croatian Chamber of Economy, The Zagreb
Philharmonic Orchestra, City of Karlovac, Hoffmann-La Roche.
With my graphic structures and posters, I’m participating in
exhibitions around the world:
Croatia, Columbia, Spain, France, Greece, Hong Kong,
Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, USA

The second stage of judgment team
Erin Wright / USA
Professor of Graphic Design
University of Alabama at Birmingham.
President of the international jury for the “15th Bienal
Internacional del Cartel en México” and has served as a jury
member for other international exhibitions.
Co-founder with Eric Boelts and Antonio Castro of “Posters
Without Borders” biennial international invitational poster
Maria Suleymenova / RUSSIA
Graphic designer and graduated from the Stroganov Moscow state
Academy. Founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine about design
“”. Member of the Presidium of the International
Academy of Design.
Deputy Executive Director for exhibition projects in the international
public Association of Designers (
Rikke Hansen / DENMARK
Graphic Designer and Educator., Associate professor. Works
with visual design, methodology, service & experience.
Vice Chairman at the Danish Association for Book Crafting.
Member of C-IDEA.
Attending the juries of several international festivals. Recipient
of several international awards.
She has been exhibiting, giving lectures & workshops
internationally in Chile, South Korea, Mexico, etc.
Byoung Il Sun / S. KOREA
Professor at Professor, Ph.D. Namseoul University Visual Information
Design Dept. Affiliations Design Forum Chair / Hongik
Communication Design Forum, Korea, 2011 .
Design Challenge Chair / Korea Institute of Packaging Culture Design,
Korea, 2005. Attending the juries of several international festivals.
Recipient of several international awards .
Oktay Barkın / TURKEY
Graphic designer / Cartoonist Painter / University lecturer
PhD student, Master of graphic design from “Suleiman Demirel
University”. Member of Cartoon Street in Antalya. Cartoon
designer for “Hurriyat Akdeniz “newspaper. He achieved many
successes in National and International Competitions and
participated in many invited and competitive exhibitions and
served as a jury member. One of the managers of the “CEIDA”
Xu Wei / CHINA
Associate Professor. Graphic Designer. Suzhou Association of Graphic
Designers Member. International art curator and jury.
National member of design committee of China Packaging
Specially Invited Designer of Beijing Sino-foreign visual art academy.
Aggeliki Athanasiadi / CYPRUS
Visual Designer / Author / Founder & Creative Director of
Graphic Stories Cyprus. Founder of “Graphic Stories Cyprus”.
Co-Founder at VCDC “Visual Communication Designers’ Club”
Arafat Al-Naim / UAE
Professor at American University in the Emirates (AUE)
Former Head of Graphic Art & Design Department at Zarqa
P.h.D in Graphic Arts and MST in Art Teaching.
Former dean of Faculty of Arts & Design at ASU, Amman (Jordan),
Head of Graphic Design Department at ASU and Zarqa University,

Jesus del Hoyo Arjona / SPAIN
Prof. Dr. Dean Emeritus of the Official Graphic Designers’
Association of Catalonia, in Spain. Professor –full time- Graphic
Design Projects at University of Barcelona.
A graphic designer with more than forty years’ dedication to
professional practice, teaching and research in graphic designthe discipline of visual communication.
Onish Aminelahi / IRAN
MA in Graphic Design, teaching idea creativity for more than 20
Former member of the board and treasurer to IGDS (Iranian Graphic
Designers’ Society). Member of jury for different exhibitions and
contests. Curator and organizer of many exhibitions.
Lecturer, holding workshops, exhibit his artworks in solo and group
exhibitions in different cities and countries. Member of planning
committee for Establishing “Iranian Museum of Graphic Design”, etc.
Ahamad Tarmizi Azizan / MALAYSIA
Founder & President “ASEAN Digital Art Society” (ASEDAS) .
lecturer at University Malaysia Kelantan (UMK).
Visiting Professor at the University of Indonesian Education
Founder & President of the Animation Malaysia Educators
Society (ANIMATES). he was appointed as Advisor for China
Europe International Design Culture Association (CEIDA), etc.
Peter Javorik / POLAND
Graphic designer, curator. PhD in Visual Communication. Lecturer in
the Faculty of Industrial Design in the Academy Sztuk Pięknych
(Academy of Fine Arts) in Krakow.
Form Przemysłowych ASP w Krakowie and
creator of the “City of Bardejov project”
Recipient of several international awards .
Irwan Harnoko / INDONESIA
Founder Worldwide Graphic Designers WGD).
Graphic designer. He has a master’s degree in education.
Lecturer Member of TYPE UNITE.
Lecturer of the School of Design, especially in the subject of
Typography. International art curator and jury.
Mohammad Ardalani / IRAN
Experimental Graphic Designer, Art director and Teacher.Winner and
honored in many competitions and festivals. Director and Member of
Jury in the national and international festivals and competitions.
Holding many workshops.
Zhe Liang / CHINA
Associate professor of Zhengzhou University of Light Industry.
visiting scholar and visiting professor of University for the
Creative Arts, UK.
Deputy Secretary General of China Europe International Design
and Culture Association (CEIDA). He is also a master’s tutor and
design director of Art Design Center of Zhengzhou University of
Light Industry.
Christopher Scott/ Ecuador
President at Ecuador Poster Biennale, Founder at Designers Speak
and Professor of Graphic Design at Universidad UTE .
His work has been exhibited in Mexico, Russia, Ecuador, Germany,
Poland, Italy, Peru, Korea, the United States and many more
countries worldwide, including the Louvre in Paris, France. He has
been a member of multiple international juries and he is also the
President and Founder of the Ecuador Poster Biennale, Co-Founder
of “Poster Poster ” and the Founder of Designers Speak.

Appreciation and gratuity:
• All finalists will be awarded a valid international certificate and electronic catalog.
• All Selected works and artists will automatically attend simultaneous exhibitions in China and Turkey.
• The top six works and artists are awarded international certificates with gold, silver and bronze virtual medals.
1 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 bronze
Executive Team:
The executive team of the festival consists of people who specialize in graphic design and, in addition, are known as international
designers and have the experience of attending international festivals, competitions and exhibitions with different titles.
Executive Director:
Hossein Abdi / IRAN
Official representative
of “CEIDA” in Iran
Secretary General of “IGDFA”
“Iran-International Graphic
Design Festival Association”
Secretary General:
Martin Liu
Design Culture Association”
Executive Officer in Turkey:
Dr. Oktay Barkın
One of the managers of
the “CEIDA”
“Representative of Antalya
metropolitan municipality”
Members of the executive team of the festival in Iran:
Fatemeh Heydari / IRAN
Master of Graphic Design
Negin Nasrolahnezhad / IRAN
University lecturer and director of the
Department of Visual Communication,
Faculty of Engineering And
professional girls of “Ahvaz” City, Iran

فراخوان جشنواره بین المللی طراحی گرافیک”پوستر” با عنوان ” در رویای عدالت ،

انجمن بین المللی جشنواره طراحی گرافیک ایران (IGDFA)به عنوان یک سازمان مستقل غیر انتفاعی فعال در حیطه طراحی گرافیک و هنرهای تجسمی با همراهی انجمن بین المللی فرهنگ طراحی چین اروپا (سیدا – CEIDA) در تلاش است که یک رقابت و نمایشگاه بین المللی با حضور داوران، منتقدان، طراحان و کیوریتورهای برجسته جهانی در زمینه طراحی گرافیک (پوستر)، تحت عنوان ” در رویای عدالت ” و در زیرمجموعه جشنواره های هنرهای تجسمی “نیلوفرآبی-Blue Lotus “برگزار نماید.

اکنون به مناسبت روز جهانی عدالت مصادف با دوم اسفند ماه (بیستم فوریه)، قصد آن داریم که یک فراخوان طراحی گرافیک (پوستر) با مضمون چگونگی عدالت از منظر، تاریخی، سیاسی، اجتماعی، فرهنگی، اقتصادی و زیست محیطی، بهداشتی، آموزشی در جهان، برای بیان و نگاه شخصی شما هنرمندان عزیزو با فرض این پرسش، “که جهان سرشار از عدالت، چگونه جهانی بود اگر، … ؟” و به همراهی سازمانها و همکاران بین المللی اعلام کنیم، تا از نظرات شما به شیوه ای خلاقانه و هنرمندانه آگاه شویم و این آگاهی فردی را به آگاهی جمعی و جهانی بدل کنیم.

بخش رقابتی : مشارکت برای تمام علاقه‌مندان اعم از هنرمندان حرفه ای، دانشجویان هنر و طراحی و … آزاد است.
بخش دعوتی : در این بخش با افتخار از برخی از هنرمندان داخلی و بین المللی شناخته شده برای حضور و ارسال اثر دعوت خواهد شد.
نکته: از طرف دیگر ، هر یک از اعضای کمیته داوران ، به عنوان یک کیوریتور، بنا به صلاحدید خود، دو هنرمند مستعد یا حرفه ای را به نمایشگاه دعوت خواهند کرد.

چگونگی عدالت مطلوب، در جامعه بشری (“که جهان سرشار از عدالت، چگونه جهانی بود اگر، … ؟”)
بیان اسطوره ای و نمادین عدالت در اندیشه ها ، باورها ، سنتها و فرهنگ های ملل گوناگون جهان

شرایط و قوانین:
ثبت نام و ارسال اثر به منزله ی پذیرش و تأیید کلیه شرایط مندرج در فراخوان جشنواره در رویای عدالت و برگزارکننده است!
ارسال اثر به معنای انتخاب آن برای شرکت در نمایشگاه نهایی نمی باشد.
حضور در این رقابت هزینه ای ندارد.
محدودیتی در ارایه محتوای اثر وجود ندارد (فقط انطباق با موضوع فراخوان و طبقه بندی های مربوطه)
تکمیل و ارسال فرم ثبت نام همراه با آثار
برگزار کنندگان و مدیران اجرایی حق استفاده از آثار دریافتی اعم از نمایش آنلاین (وبسایت های اینترنتی، شبکه های اجتماعی و…) و کلیه اقلام رسانه های چاپی و همچنین استفاده در امور فرهنگی هنری (برگزاری نمایشگاه و…) را دارا می باشند.
آثاری که از وجوه توهین ، تبعیض و برتری نژادی و نظایر آن، برخوردار بوده و یا موجب رنجش افراد، باورها وگروهی خاص شوند، با نظر کمیته داوران، از رقابت کنار گذاشته خواهند شد!!

تنظیم و چیدمان اعضای کمیته داوران در هر دو مرحله قضاوت به شکلی صورت گرفته است که با حضور افراد متخصص، هنرمند، و مدرسین ارشد دانشگاهی از اقصا نقاط جهان ، کیفیت و رویکردهای متفاوت بصری در نظرگرفته شود و سطح مطلوب روند گزینش آثار حفظ شود. از این بابت، مراحل قضاوت، به معنی سنتی ” انتخاب اولیه ” و “انتخاب نهایی” مدنظر نمی باشد.

مرحله نخست قضاوت آثار

اولگا سورینا:آمریکا
کی سو میونگ :کره جنوبی
آرپیتا پرادهان:هند
هیتوشی میورا:ژاپن
مهردخت دارابی:ایران“
ه هوانگ:چین
مارکو ناتوللی:ایتالیا
لینسن یانگ:چین
دونا جکسون:آمریکا
خوزه لوئیس هرناندز:مکزیک
مهدی صادقی:ایران“
لیز تریپکوو:مقدونیه
نادیا آقابیگی:ایران“
پنگ جان:چین
محمد افشار:ایران“
دراژیکا پتروویچ:کرواسی

مرحله دوم قضاوت آثار:

ارین رایت :آمریکا
بیونگ ایل سان :کره جنوبی
اوکتای برکین :ترکیه
ماریا سولیمنووا :روسیه
اونیش امین الهی:ایران“
اوکسیو وی :چین
آتان آف:مالزی
ژ لیانگ:چین
پتر ژاوریک :لهستان
خسوس دل هوویو آرژونا:اسپانیا
محمد اردلانی:ایران
عرفات النعیم:امارات متحده
ریکه هانسن :دانمارک
ایروان هارناکو :اندونزی
آجلیکی آتاناسیادی:قبرس
کریستوفر اسکات:اکوادور

نیلوفرآبی “انجمن بین المللی جشنواره طراحی گرافیک ایران” (IGDFA)
انجمن بین المللی فرهنگ طراحی چین اروپا (سیدا – CEIDA)

سایت برگزار کننده

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