Interview in "Iranian graphic designer society (IGDS)" newsletter, No. 34, March 2009

Iranian graphic designer society (IGDS)” newsletter

The interview with Aminelahi is executed by the Magazine of Iranian Graphic Designers society. At first, Onish speaks about the way of receiving and delivering it by his personal atelier in details.

Another discussion is on how to prepare an invoice for the order, how to make a contract, how to get an advance payment and finally how to deliver the order.

Then he explains from which clients we have to get advance payment and which ones do not. He also expresses whether we should seek the customers and get orders from them or they should come to find us and make an order. At the end, he evaluates the difference of contracts for these two conditions.

مصاحبه در خبرنامه "انجمن صنفی طراحان گرافیک ایران ، شماره 34 ، مارس 2009

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