2018 marks the 10th and final edition of poster of tomorrow in its current form.
Since 2009 we have reached – and surpassed – many of our initial goals. We have established a large community of designers who are now actively involved in social design. We have hosted debates and workshops in schools and universities all around the world and received tens of thousands of posters for our competitions.
But perhaps the greatest sign of how far not poster for tomorrow, but the human rights movement, has come in the last ten years is the popularity of December 10th, International Human Rights Day. When we chose this day to launch our annual exhibitions on this day, it was to mark an important day that we felt was given too little attention by the international community. Now it celebrated by more and more people every year as an important date on the calendar, a status we are happy to have contributed to in a little way.

However, with all the success enjoyed by poster for tomorrow, we have noticed that most attention goes towards the annual poster contest, rather than the human rights issues at the heart of our movement. We are, of course, happy and proud that thousands of people are proud to be associated with a human rights graphic design contest, but we want to put the focus on human rights again, not the contest. Furthermore, the world is changing and we want to be part of that change.

Therefore 2018 is the final edition of poster of tomorrow in its current form.

We are currently working on how we can evolve and emerge in 2019 with different tools to draw more attention to human rights that are ever more at risk. Events around the world show that debate and dialogue are vital if we are to live in a world in which we are all truly equal. Our goal for 2019 and beyond is to drive this dialogue wherever and however we can.

But first, 2018. To celebrate the last nine years and look towards to the future, we have chosen to make this year’s theme one that affects all our futures: the environment. To quote President Macron, we want to make our planet great again.

Therefore the theme for 2018 is ‘A Planet for Tomorrow’. The brief will be released together with the Call for Entries on February 20. As you might have noticed, that’s a change from our regular schedule, as is the date of the live jury, and the date of the premiere exhibition, which now falls on Sunday 16 September – International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.

No less significantly, we have reduced the amount of entries per person from 9 to 3. This underlines our commitment to the issues at the heart of the contest, rather than chasing a higher number of entries for the contest.

Here is the list of the authors of our 100 selected artworks for 2018 poster for tomorrow competition “A planet for tomorrow”.

Akkaya Mustafa , Turkey
Akın Satılmış , Turkey
Aminelahi Onish , Iran
Anzanpour Arman , Iran
Ara Ramin (2) , Iran
Aranda Mony , Mexico
Arbelo Frank , Bolivia
Aykut Anday , Turkey
BLAZEJCZYK Andrzej , Poland
Bachelet Yaël , France
Besnardeau Anais , France
Bondar Vitaly , Belarus
Bryniarski PJ , United States
Cakmak ufuk çakmak , Turkey
Cerrella Coco , Argentina
Chen Xiaofeng , China
Chong natalie , China
Churchin Brooklyn , Australia
Coffey Edward , Australia
Corneille Claire , France
Czekierda Dominika , Poland
Dezzani Massimo (2) , Italy
Doty Emma , United States
Drewinski Lex , Germany
Drueding Alice , United States
Dávila Lenin , Ecuador
Ergün Büşra Nur , Turkey
Facchini Clayton , Australia
Falkner Faith , Australia
Galassi Giulia , San Marino
Gałązka Zuzanna , Poland
Guzmán Frank , Venezuela
Heifetz itamar , Israel
Ico Louie John , Philippines
Imbert Elodie , United States
Ivanova Dilyana , Bulgaria
JENKO Radovan , Slovenia
Jerzy Skakun Joanna Gorska , Poland
Jin Xinyan , China
Keijzers Salma , Australia
Khvooostov Vlad , Belarus
Kim Yeonjoo , South Korea
Kim Jinseol , South Korea
Koromazidis Themis , Greece
Kunihiro Yamane , Japan
LIU Shujun , China
Lee chia hsiang (2) , Taiwan
Lee Eric , Canada
Lee Jookwang , United States
Liu Liwei , China
Liu zichen , China
Luketic stephanie , Australia
Lv Zongli (2) , China
López Dorian (2) , Bolivia
Marait Florian , France
Meinke Elsa , Germany
Morainslie Gus , Mexico
Morganti Daniele , Italy
Mufthihati zein alitamara , Indonesia
Murat taha , Turkey
Nosrati Alireza (2) , Iran
Orrach Emily , United States
PERKINS IAN (2) , Taiwan
Palmer Ree , United States
Parvari Moghaddam Rasool , Iran
Pereira Margarida , Portugal
Peters Stefan , Germany
Petersen Emmeline , United Kingdom
Pormehr Yabandeh Amir Hossein , Iran
Rahnama Rashid , Iran
Romero Moises , Mexico
Sancho Pujia Sebastian , Argentina
Scott Christopher , Ecuador
Shi Tingjin , China
Tomak Ali , Turkey
Turkaya Abdulkerim , Turkey
Veiga Luís , Portugal
Vernooij Dennis (2) , Netherlands
Wang jiayi , China
Wright Timea , Hungary
Wu Wen Chin , Taiwan
Yang Lijie , China
Yang Yong , China
Young Robert (2) , Canada
Zhou Jing , United States
Ziemiszewska Agnieszka i Pola (2) , Poland
Zouein Giorgio Elia , Lebanon
Özyıldırım Almira Naz , Turkey
























نمایشگاه بین المللی پوتر فور تومارو - پاریس - 2018

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